Rich Reichbach Founder and Owner

Richard ReichbachRich Reichbach has been around watches and clocks his entire life. His father, Mark, was a watch and clockmaker and generalist in just about every related area of specialty (guns, glass, music boxes, barometers, scientific interest, military, Americana...the list goes on). Rich worked at his father's famed Bedford watch shop for five years after graduating from Tulane University.  In late 2009 after graduating from Pace Law School, Rich moved to New York City to start Time Titans. Skipping a career as a lawyer, Rich dedicated himself to buying, selling, trading, and sourcing fine watches.  In his spare time, Rich is probably in his kitchen cooking up a meal with organic and locally sourced ingredients. He estimates he's cooked about 10,000 meals (and in the same span sold some 7,500-8,000 watches!). Rich relocated in 2018 to Portland, Oregon with his wife and dog and in the Spring of 2022 they moved to sunny Los Angeles, California where they both work out of a retail facing office in Historic Downton.