Quality over quantity.

We believe that a well-made watch can greatly affect the way we carry ourselves. Quality, craftsmanship, functionality and punctuality are essential to us, but we believe in originality as well.  Our collection is not the largest — and we think that's a good thing.  Because we carefully hand-select rare, special, unique, unusual and fun watches for the marketplace, every piece has a story.

Buy the seller, not the watch.

Time Titans takes terrific pride in serving our clients worldwide.  One client buying a $500 watch is not treated any differently than one buying a $5,000 or $50,000 watch.  Simply put: our goal is to connect all our clients with the finest watches from the finest brands however possible.  

Better value in pre-owned and vintage.

We understand that purchasing a watch - of any age - is an investment.  But luxury goods shouldn't necessitate extreme retail markups.  Time Titans exists to bring exceptional value to the marketplace by selling pre-owned and vintage watches at fair prices.  The pieces in our collection often offer better bones, better construction, and most always better bang for the buck.